12. December 2018

How to plan your productive day

1. Make a List in your Head what you want to do next day

Before you go to sleep try always to plan your next day, if that’s too hard at the start, try to point your morning routine – 5 steps. For example, Workout, Drink/Eat, Shower, Meditate. Another positive effect of this is, the fact that you fall asleep much faster because you don’t have to think about stuff anymore. Try it out and continue to the next step.

2. Mark your most important task

Only in your head. Find out the most important task for you personally, if you found one, to this task FIRST. It’s much easier to have a productive day when your main task is already done.

3. Write down your Tasks

There are many ways to write down your Task. I do it by the app Google Tasks, but you can also use Pen&Paper as you prefer. First, you make headlines of the tasks you want to do, after that, you write down a description, so you remember easier what exactly you wanted to do, or set more subtasks to break down your main goal into separate small goals.

4. Schedule time for mini-vacations

Don’t forget your Human. So schedule also the breaks like reading blogs, watch Youtube, play a game etc. For Example, I do 1h of Netflix a day max. that is timed with a countdown, so i don’t get distracted too much and stay focused on the important tasks of the day.

5. Have fun!

In the end, don’t forget to have time. Time is important and is not replaceable, so always enjoy every part of your day, because you only live once!

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