2. January 2019

Go to bed late or wake up early?

personal viewpoint

since I was testing out getting up early in the morning
every day about 4-5 am and before that
I was a night owl standing up at 10-12.
I recently went through the positive and
negative effects in my head and now I want them to write down

10-12am Negative:
  •  longer time to get up and get to work
  • the rewarding system doesn’t work (fun at start work afterwards)
  • waking up with mail and calls, because everyone else is working already
  • less breakfast
  • energy level over the day very moderate

4-5am Positive:
  • immediate awake
  • power level high at the start
  • over the day lowering energy level, but still higher than getting up late
  • work when no one’s awake -> more focus
  • more attention going to the gym
How you can change your sleep schedule:
  • regularly go earlier into bed, half an hour a day till it hits 8 pm
  • making a list in your head what you wanna do the next day in the morning step by step -> fall asleep faster
  • write down your process and the positive and negative sides so you can remind them if you had a harder day
  • you have to want it!